About Us

Amdia Software is devoted to increasing your online visitors... that’s what we’re all about.  The difference between us and other web and SEO companies is that our services are exclusive to members of the  ROUTE 66 RV Network.  We put the best interest of the Network ahead of everything, because what’s good for your dealership and the rest of the Network - is good for us.
We’re always on top of the most recent and best practices for boosting your web presence.  That’s what we do, we enjoy it... we’re nerds.
Amdia works hard to offer you the best web-based products the RV space has to offer.  We never stop fine-tuning our existing services, as well as looking forward to our next strategic move to keep you relevant and showing high on search engine results.
We’ve got a variety of available services to help you with just that...  Flip through this booklet and you’ll find information and pricing on all our products!


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